January 6, 2022

How Mindfulness Can Fit into Your 2022 Day-to-Day

As you’re already discovering, a Fleetwood location puts you at the center of possibility. You’re just a short drive from outdoor adventure. You’re a short commute from the most exciting city in the country. And Mount Vernon, itself, is pulsing with opportunity. With action around every corner, sometimes it’s equally important to slow things down.

We’ve all read article after article about the importance of yoga and mindfulness. But what does that look like for you? How is it possible to fit these practices into the modern pace of your life?  

What Are Mindfulness and Yoga?

Some people spend a lot of time thinking about the future, planning for what lies ahead. Other people tend to reprocess the past, hoping to learn from its lessons. And while both of those explorations can be important, they often neglect one important thing: the present. Mindfulness helps you reconnect with “the here and now” through a series of breathing exercises, body scans, and guided meditations. And yoga takes it a step further by inviting you to strike corresponding physical poses.        

The idea behind both yoga and mindfulness is that they require every ounce of your attention. That gets you out of your head, into your body, and helps your mind reset. The exercises might be new to you at first, so many people get value out of joining a yoga or meditation studio for some guidance. Take a look at the list of local studios at the end of this article. They might have just the class that helps you ease into the practice.

What Are the Benefits of Mindfulness and Yoga?

According to this great article by The Mayo Clinic, when you make yoga and mindfulness practices a part of your daily life, you can help manage several different maladies like stress, anxiety, pain, and depression. In addition, you can help improve your attention span, increase your quality of sleep, and feel more energetic. So, to put it simply, both disciplines can improve your health, the way you feel, and your overall quality of life.

Tips for Integrating Yoga and Mindfulness into Your Daily Life

It’s all well and good to tout the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, but we all tend to be just a bit overscheduled these days. You may wonder how it’s possible to find time to slow down during your hectic day. Don’t worry; it’s actually much easier than it seems! Below are just a few tips to help you fit yoga and mindfulness into your life so you can start feeling more balanced.

Make It a Routine

It’s easy to fall into the habit of doing things “whenever we have an extra moment.” But that extra moment never seems to roll around. So, make yoga and mindfulness a part of your daily schedule. Whether you do these practices first thing in the morning or as the day is winding down, set a time, and make it sacred.

Join A Studio

When you’re new to these practices, you might benefit from a little bit of guidance. Consider stopping by a yoga studio and asking about classes. It just so happens, we have several great studios here in Westchester County! Here are just a few local favorites:

Gina Callender Yoga
Radiate Yoga
Westchester Yoga Arts
Hot Yoga Journeys
Balance Yoga & Wellness
Prana Prenatal Yoga

Say “No” to Something Else

Everyone spends at least a small amount of time on something that isn’t serving them. Maybe you have an acquaintance who isn’t very positive. Maybe you spend too much time online or social-scrolling on your phone. Or maybe you watch a reality TV show that no longer brings you joy. Challenge yourself to create space by cutting out at least one negative thing. Then fill that space with the positivity of mindfulness.

Find Your Digital Zen

You won’t always be able to make it out of your house and commute to a brick-and-mortar location when you’re feeling the need for some balance. So, think about downloading a mindfulness app or logging into a yoga class online. They can help you get centered as needed, on the spot. Plus, living in a spacious Fleetwood apartment, you can open the doors to your private balcony and let fresh air in.  

Use the Buddy System

There’s a form of accountability that comes with meeting one of your friends at a yoga or meditation class—you don’t want to disappoint them by not showing up, and you can help motivate each other to do something good for yourselves. See if an old pal or a new Fleetwood Square neighbor is interested in taking the plunge. It can be a lot of fun to spend time with that friend, and it can make the practice feel much more approachable.    

So, consider reaching out to a local studio and discovering these wonderful therapeutic traditions. Living at Fleetwood Square, you’re right in the heart of where you need to find your inner peace. Namaste in 2022.