March 15, 2022

How to Maximize Your Space (and Peace of Mind)

Easy Organizational Tips for Apartment Living

At Fleetwood Square, each and every apartment home is designed to encourage a calming sense of peace. But no matter where you live, there’s always one major challenge to full serenity: clutter. You’re not alone—we all tend to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. And according to WebMD, clutter can actually increase your levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. So, here are a few home-organization tips that are sure to help your new space feel clean and calm. Because clearing the clutter is a great way to clear your mind.

Clear Your Surfaces

Everyone has commonly-used items they like to keep on hand for convenience. But when you leave too many of these items out in plain view, your apartment starts to feel chaotic. Think about tucking these things away in a closet or drawer where they’re still accessible, but more hidden from view. The extra 30 seconds it takes to grab your hair dryer from the cabinet is well worth the stress of having to look at (and trip over) loose cords. And if your closet and cabinet spaces are already at capacity, that’s okay; just take a look at our next tip.

Add Moveable Shelving

At a certain point, we all run out of storage space. Our first suggestion would be to do a bit of spring cleaning and donate anything you don’t absolutely need or want. But when you’ve pared down as much as possible, it’s time to make more room by adding some shelves. Think about buying a modular shelving unit from IKEA or from The Container Store. These days, it’s easier than ever to find pieces that look stylish, so they become part of the decor, rather than being strictly utilitarian. There are so many options that are completely freestanding and movable, meaning you won’t have to drill into the wall—excellent news for renters that need flexibility.

Buy Baskets

Now that you have some shelving, you’ve created a ton of extra storage. Remember, shelves can end up looking cluttered too—especially if they’re out in the open. Think about grabbing some nice-looking baskets to store items like towels and toilet paper or candles, napkins, and odds and ends. Even adding some shallow baskets to your pantry to keep snack foods or spices organized can go a long way toward reducing the frustration of a messy kitchen.

Find Furniture with Storage

If you want even more storage, your furniture might be able to help. These days, many ottomans, couches, and beds come with built-in storage compartments where you can throw extra pillows and blankets. Looking for a new coffee table? Make sure to search for models that have drawers in them to store your remote controls or anything else you’d find handy while bingeing your favorite shows. Just like dresses with pockets, furniture with storage can be attractive and functional!

Get an Over-the-Door Organizer

Is your bathroom starting to feel crowded? Are your cabinets bursting at the seams? Get an over-the-door organizer for an extra few pockets of storage. But don’t just stop with the bathroom. You can do the same thing for your bedroom closet. Some over-the-door closet organizers can hold a whopping thirty pairs of shoes. That frees up a ton of space and gives your eye a nice place to rest.

Keep Your Cords Inside of Toilet Paper Rolls

Everyone has the same relationship with cords. They’re always tangled. You have too many. And they’re completely out of control. But there’s an easy solution. Pop those cords inside of toilet paper tubes, and suddenly they start to feel a lot more manageable. By containing the cords, you can store them together—and even stack them—without everything getting tangled.

Use Silverware Organizers

While most people have a silverware organizer for their forks, knives, and spoons, you can use these for other things too. Do you have a “junk drawer?” Do you have a desk? How about a nightstand? A silverware organizer can help tame the chaos and give these spaces a bit more structure.

Install a Front Door Organizer

When you finally return home for the day, do you have a place for your fobs (and keys)? Do you throw your mail onto the table? Does your coat end up on the couch? Try mounting an organizer by the front door. This creates a dedicated place for your things so they don’t pile up on the counter. A lot of them come with a place for your mail, so you can keep track of important envelopes.

Opt for Under-the-Bed Storage

You might not think of the space under your bed as prime real estate. But when it comes to storage, that space is your secret weapon. Grab an under-the-bed storage box and use it to store seasonal clothes, linens, or sweaters. A lot of these boxes even come with wheels for a seamless “in and out.”  

Begin with the End in Mind

It might seem like a bit of work in the beginning, but rest assured; an organized home is well within your reach. And if you set it up correctly from the beginning, it can stay that way. Start by maximizing the storage space you currently have. Then create even more storage by shopping strategically for modular shelving solutions. Lastly, try to keep your clutter out of view by using baskets and the space underneath your bed.

Keeping things organized isn’t just about looking tidy—it’s also about peace of mind. When you go the extra mile to declutter, the bright, open spaces of your Fleetwood Square home can really shine. And doesn’t that help your life feel a bit more tranquil, as well?